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Getting your driver’s license online: only advantages ?

To get a driver’s license through the traditional way, you have to pay an average of 1500 euros and sometimes wait several months before getting your driving license’review. But for a decade now, there has been another solution: taking your driver’s license online. This faster and cheaper digital training is now very popular, but also has some drawbacks.

Get your driver’s license online: more flexible and less expensive

L’The arrival of online driving schools has changed the conditions for training and passing the exam’driving license exam. These driving schools are’learning the highway code and driving online have become an alternative to traditional driving schools.

For less than 1000 euros from home, you can prepare for the driving test of your choice’an unprecedented way: the’100% online driving school. After that, you will have to think about a new way to get your driver’s license’be registered via the website or an application, online training allows you to answer questions on your smartphone, tablet or computer in n’no matter what the situation.

No travel required’The first disadvantage is that the driver’s license is required for driving lessons or theory courses. These may be available at all times on their website. For driving lessons, it is possible to get a discount’The instructor is the one who usually travels to the school.

Unlike traditional training institutions, online driving schools offer rates that are acceptable to most people and defy all competition. You can choose a formula or a training package to take the automatic transmission license on stych.fr or manual box that includes driving time.

On average, you can save more than 30% on the cost of a test’a classic driving license. In fact, to obtain a traditional driving license, you must pay an average of 1,250 euros to 1,500 euros, whereas you can pay up to 1,500 euros for a driving course’to 800 euros online.

On average, you can save more than 30% on the price of a driving course’a traditional driving license. Indeed, to obtain a traditional driving license, you have to pay an average of 1,250 euros to 1,500 euros, whereas you can pay up to 1,500 euros for a classic driving license’to 800 euros online. The free application to pass the’The driver’s license exam is free of charge, while the exam is free of charge for those who are not enrolled’the fee is 150 euros if the candidate goes through a traditional training center.

Just like the highway code, it is now possible to take one’s license independently. The online driving schools have a number of options’A network of independent teachers who share their study areas with you’activity and their availability on the platform.

Additional delays to take the driver’s license online

The first disadvantage of the’The time to take an online driver’s license exam is the same as the time to pass the exam’s waiting time to take the test’exam. From 3 to 12 months after the submission of applications, this generally long delay may vary according to the city. Candidates registered in traditional training centers have priority for the exams.

On the other hand, candidates who are not enrolled in a traditional training center will have to pay the fee’In other words, candidates from online driving schools will only be invited to take their test if there are vacancies and according to their availability’there are vacancies and according to their availability.

Depending on the city, the average delay varies between 3 months and one year. However, according to the Order of July 21, 2016, “the test places are granted to free candidates presenting themselves for the first time within a period that cannot exceed two months.”.

Also, beware that the success rate of online driving schools is generally lower than that of traditional driving schools. Also, for classic driving schools, under certain conditions, you can benefit from a discount’help to finance your B license. Pôle Emploi accompanies the unemployed, who are’They may or may not be compensated, and they may or may not be available to take the test’they are RSA beneficiaries.

In short, despite these slight inconveniences, the fee is’If you want to get a driver’s license online, an online driving school gives you more freedom, flexibility and flexibility’agility to organize yourself and prepare for your driving test. These online driving schools also allow you to make great financial savings.

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