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On what occasions can we offer promotional goodies? 

Goodies as well as corporate gifts are particularly effective communication objects to promote a brand. The idea is to associate a logo or a message with an everyday product. Thus, the vision or the use of the object will immediately remind your company.

You will succeed in improving your visibility in the long term and leave a lasting impression on consumers' minds.

What is an advertising object or goodies ?

The advertising goodies are communication supports taking the form of products that are indispensable in everyday life. These can be personalized items such as mugs and cups with your company's name or logo. You can also opt for office supplies such as pens or USB keys.

In all cases, these creations will help make your brand recognizable and memorable.

Goodies have quite similar objectives in a B2B or B2C approach. Between professionals, they allow to improve relationships and exchanges. You can thus reinforce the commitment or the loyalty of your partners. With the general public, this method contributes to customer acquisition and satisfaction.

You can then maintain a close relationship with your customers.

When to offer promotional items ?

Promotional items represent a It is a way of enhancing the value of your contacts. They are therefore suitable for all your business and professional relationships, from customers to employees to partners. However, you cannot offer the same items to your employees and your prospects.

You should choose a product that reflects your relationship with the recipient or the target audience. Thus, you will optimize the emotional effects of the gift. It is the same for the context.

The appropriate occasions vary according to your targets and your objectives. Nevertheless, there are unavoidable moments for each profile.

Team building

Team building is used to integrate newcomers, strengthen cohesion and maintain team spirit. To do this, the company prepares various activities that promote collaboration and bring staff members together. The program is often enhanced by friendly meetings and instructive or purely playful games.

In this context, goodies are an excellent way to encourage the whole team to participate in activities. You will be able to stimulate the employees and encourage them to surpass themselves through the proposed gifts. These objects also allow to thank the participants and to create a feeling of belonging to the group.

Gift for customers

You can Use gifts to seduce, build loyalty or thank your customers. Circumstance usually dictates the most appropriate promotional item. However, it is better to avoid tense moments like negotiations to offer goodies.

This could be misinterpreted as the opposite of the intended reaction.

It is better to favour positive circumstances, even festive, such as Christmas, vacations, fairs, exhibitions… For privileged customers, you can consider more personal events such as birthdays or anniversaries. This approach requires a good knowledge of your contacts. Nevertheless, you can significantly improve the emotional impact of your action.

Gift for customers

The corporate gift at the end of the year

The end of year holidays are traditionally the best time to distribute corporate gifts. For the occasion, you have to think about both your loyal customers and your employees. The latter will be able to punctuate their professional career with good memories and will keep the objects evoking these events.

On the customers' side, the products offered allow them to associate the company with moments of happiness shared with their loved ones. You accompany your customers, including during family celebrations par excellence. Through this approach, you subtly join the personal circle of your regular customers.

Choose organic or recycled cotton promotional items

Beyond the logo diffusion, goodies can also embody the values or demonstrate the commitments of a company. This type of message is precisely crystallized by the advertising objects made of organic or recycled cotton. Through this choice of material, you concretely prove the eco-responsible approach of your team.

Consistency is also a crucial element in the development or design of a videophoneImprovement of a brand image. By opting for ecological products, you stay in line with your internal efforts and your public statements. You will gain credibility with your current or future partners and your loyal or potential customers.

In other words, you ensure the effectiveness of your branding strategy.

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