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Presentation of Telegram messaging

Today, messaging applications are legion on all media (Web, desktop and mobile). They are also used on a daily basis to discuss personal and professional matters. As a result, users are increasingly strict about privacy.

Telegram allows you to meet these requirements through its privacy-oriented features.

Presentation of Telegram

Since 2013, the service of Telegram messaging offers a secure application to exchange messages or files in a confidential way. It indeed places great importance on the protection of sensitive data and the user privacy. This principle translates into the encryption of the content of instant conversations and information stored in the cloud.

At its launch, the application was only available for mobile devices on Android and iOS. The program now exists as a web application and cross-platform messaging software (Windows, Linux and macOS). It is also one of the best instant messaging applications in the world.

The platform now has nearly 500 million active users per month.

Concretely, the open-source application allows you to send instant messages, photos, videos or files on a daily basis. Apart from the security issues, it is notable for the fact that there is no size limit for sharing documents. However, security remains Telegram’s number one asset.

Thus, this service appeals mainly to users who are put off by the privacy policy of its competitors.

Is Telegram free ?

The application of Telegram messaging is free in its basic version. However, it includes paid features for businesses and public chat groups. These formulas were announced in late 2020 and launched during 2021.

From advertising messages will also appear on the public channels. Previously, the app was totally free and ad-free, like Signal .

At its inception, the instant messaging service was financed by Pavel Dourov via the investment fund Digital Fortress. The Russian entrepreneur is known worldwide as the co-founder of VKontakte. After his ouster from the social network, he decided to support the project of his brother Nikolai Dubrov.

The idea was to develop an unbreakable communication protocol, even for secret services.

The Dourov brothers are opponents of the Russian regime. They became even more involved after the government seized VKontakte. This political motivation has therefore contributed to the free Telegram.

Its founders wanted to provide an open platform to send instant messages free from indiscretions. Thus, they want to let users chat for free.

How to use Telegram ?

À the origin, the platform of Telegram messenger was a competing application to Facebook Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, etc. The mobile version offers more features than the client software or web service. For a first use, start by downloading the application on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

It will be necessary for the configuration of the account.

To access this service on PC, download the software Telegram Desktop from the official website. Start the installation, then click on Start. At this point, a QR code will appear on the screen. Scan this code with your Android or iOS application.

You will then see the rest of the instructions to finalize the operation.

For the web application, simply open the https://web.telegram.org. You will also need to scan an QR Code with your iPhone or Android smartphone to connect. On the other hand, the Web portal is available in two versions, WebK and WebZ since April 2021. They can be differentiated by the letter “z” or “k” associated with “web” in the URL. In general, the options often evolve on these platforms.

You will nevertheless be helped by their intuitive interfaces.

How to join a group on Telegram ?

On Telegram, the groups allow to gather up to 200,000 users. It is thus an effective communication medium for large-scale projects. However, the end-to-end encryption is not available for these discussions.

The exchanges will not be secret, if you gather a large number of participants. The conversations can be consulted by the moderation.

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