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Why the videophone is a security item not to be missed

Today, a simple audio intercom is no longer enough to provide you with complete home security. As technology evolves, it is important to take advantage of the benefits it brings with it, and the videophone is certainly one of them… and not that expensive !

Which videophone to choose ?

When using an audio intercom, it is impossible to realize who is in front of the door. It is particularly common in condominiums to receive a request to enter the property from someone claiming to make a delivery or other. Thanks to the videophone, if the caller is wearing a brown suit, you can be reassured that it is Mr. UPS.

But there is a very large variety of video intercom on the market and it is not easy to make the right choice when looking at e-commerce stores. In order to overcome your lack of knowledge, you can use this comparison which presents in detail the characteristics of the devices as well as the pros and cons.

Security first

The videophone is useful for everyone, but it is even more useful for vulnerable people. Easy to install, they can be adapted to any type of gate. Once in place, they allow you to determine who comes to your door.

Even at night, some models can be used thanks to a built-in light that reveals the face of your impromptu visitor.

The other advantage of the video phone for the elderly, people with reduced mobility or in any other vulnerable position is that the person in front of the gate can not see you. As a result, it does not know how old you are or any other characteristic that might lead the individual to think that you could be easy prey. At the same time, if it’s the neighbor’s kids ringing the doorbell, you can do them a favor by letting them in !

The video phone with passage memory: a practical tool

The video phone with memory of passage will tell you who came to see you and at what time. If the carrier of your package vehemently assures you that he has come to return your order at a specific time, you will be able to check if he is telling the truth and reprimand him in turn if he is not. If you are away from home and need to open the door for someone in your family, some video phones will show you who is at the door on your phone and then you can open it for them.

Finally, if strangers lurk around your home and come to ring the bell at different times of the day to find out your schedule, you can notify the police and send them the images so they can take over the case and protect you from potential intruders.

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