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Signage: zoom on the ISO 7010 standard

Signs play an important role in a companyôthe preponderant role within the company’a company. They are there to inform, orient and guide. The ISO 7010 standard, on the other hand, only reinforces these functions with regard to safety signs. So what exactly is the ISO 7010 standard? ?

Signage: the ISO 7010 standard, what is it? 

The ISO 7010 standard allows for’standardize the color, the symbol and the pictogram of the signs. It concerns more particularly the graphic symbols of pictograms safety signs including :

  • panels’ban,
  • the customizable’obligation,
  • the signs of’warning,
  • safety signs’firefighting equipment and instructions in case of emergency’fireproof,
  • the acoustic panels’evacuation and first aid.

To realize your signage, go to ABC Signalétique which knows and applies this ISO 7010 standard on the environment’all its products. L’The company offers a wide range of panels, from signage and advertising’customizable stickers according to your needs.

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The ISO 7010 standard for optimizing signage

Signs allow to quickly communicate important information. The ISO 7010 standard is only a first step’to optimize this ruleôthe offering a better understanding of the environment.

The ISO 7010 standard for compliant safety pictograms

The ISO 7010 standard was created to ensure that’a simple security panel allows to trade with the other brokers’avoid work accidents and find the’emergency exit in case of an accident’accident. This thanks to the chosen color and pictogram, without the’you can understand or read the’registration that accompanies them. It s’It is also a question of’a standard of any country’international organization that aims to make safety signs understandable all over the world.

A safety sign that follows the ISO 7010 standard must be understandable in all its aspects’s standard in any country and in any language in order to ensure the safety of all’to ensure the safety of all.

This standard therefore imposes strict communication rules regarding security. This makes it necessary for all manufacturers to have a’to comply with it. Therefore, signs should only be made by specialists in the field.

Professionals in signage and stickers have a double obligation. The first is to offer you signs that comply with current legislation, including the’ISO 7010 when it comes to’acts as a safety sign. The second is to offer you custom panels.

This means signs that perfectly meet the needs of your business.

ISO 7010 requirements for signage

If you have old signs, it is your duty to replace the signs whose pictograms and colors do not correspond to the new versions. The law does not require you to make this replacement. However, it is necessary to do so to avoid confusion.

Especially, This approach allows you to’improve your communication. For new sign installations, all safety signs must be ISO 7010 compliant.

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