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What budget to allocate to a laptop ?

Manufacturers currently offer a wide range of laptops for all profiles and uses. You should therefore take the time to think about your needs to define the minimum configuration required. Based on this, you will be able to know the suitable models and the associated prices.

The price will also depend on your preferred brand of laptop and electronic devices.

Which brand of laptop to choose ?

The brand name plays a determining role in the estimation of the minimum system requirements budget for a laptop. You will need to budget between 1,500 and 2,500 euros with brands specializing in gaming such as Alienware and Razer. On the other hand, you will need less than 1,000 euros to pay for your Huawei MateBook D16.

The manufacturer is also known for its powerful, reliable and affordable devices.

In general, positioning helps users choose a particular brand. Gamers have, for example, specialized manufacturers like Razer, ROG, Alienware or MSI. These brands are therefore to be preferred if you intend to buy a laptop for gaming.

Gigabyte is also possible, although the manufacturer does not really position itself in this segment.

Gamer PCs are defined by their power, their complete equipment and their efficient cooling system. Thus, you can run AAA games or play online intensively on these devices. These technical characteristics are also sought after by graphic designers and other content creators. In short, choose the gaming brands, if you want to have the best computers on the market in terms of processor, RAM memory, graphics card ..

You can also opt for generalist manufacturers known for their reliability. This category includes Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo among others. With these players, you benefit from a quality guarantee based on their experience and brand image. Moreover, these manufacturers often offer a wide choice of products for all profiles and budgets.

Finally, you can also choose a Chromebook (Google) or a MacBook (Apple) based on your home ecosystem.

What budget should you plan for a good investment? ?

The budget for a laptop depends on the performance desired and the brand considered. For a gaming configuration, expect to pay at least 1,200 euros. This price allows you to obtain an entry-level product from specialized manufacturers or a relatively old model. In this segment, a PC is considered obsolete in less than two years.

The device is still effective for other uses and contains the best technology on the market.

For a use not greedy in resources, it is generally interesting to opt for models of entry level. Manufacturers such as Huawei and Lenovo stand out in this price range of 800 to 1,200 euros. Moreover, the Chinese brand is historically known for its quality products, at a lower cost.

It even offers a 2 in 1 computer (PC/tablet) from 600 euros.

In the end, you will make a good investment by choosing a model that is suitable for the intended use. You can then spare components and improve the life of the device. On the other hand, a high performance PC allows to be equipped with the latest technologies in the field.

Your laptop will then remain compatible for a longer period of time with the standard connectivity on the market.

What budget should you plan for a good investment?

Is it necessary to take an insurance for its laptop ?

The budget for a laptop A computer represents a significant investment for most households. It is inconceivable to replace a recent purchase in case of theft or breakage. Yet, this tool is now essential in various aspects of users’ lives, from studies to online purchases.

Without insurance, you will be forced to bear the cost of buying another PC alone in case of a problem.

Laptop insurance is especially recommended for mobile workers and students. These users regularly travel with their laptop. Some people work in public spaces such as terraces, cafes, waiting rooms or public transport.

However, these places expose you to risks of theft and material damage.

This type of insurance costs on average a few dozen euros. It is thus a negligible expense compared to the repair or replacement of your computer. The contracts available on the market most often cover :

  • Breakage;
  • Theft (pickpocketing, burglary, assault…);
  • Oxidation;
  • Material damage following an accident.

Sometimes laptops are already covered by the multi-risk home insurance contracts (MRH). You must therefore check your guarantees and exclusion clauses before subscribing to a specific formula for your computer.

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