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Why buy in the’Is new real estate advantageous?

Whether it’s for investment or for housing, buying a new property is a project that requires a considerable investment. However, it allows the owners of such housing to enjoy the privileges of the new. What are the advantages of buying in new real estate ?

Advantageous guarantees and taxation

Choosing new real estate is a practical way to secure your investment. The repair of damages, detected on the housing is covered by the guarantees subscribed by the contractor. They also reassure the owner about the respect of the deadlines and the completion of the building site.

The biennial guarantee, the decennial guarantee and the guarantee of perfect completion are the insurances to which the builders subscribe, within the framework of the construction of a new housing.

Another advantage of buying new real estate is that you can be exempted from property tax for two years after delivery of the property. You will need to contact your local authority or municipality to find out more about this tax advantage. For properties located in the ANRU zone, the VAT can be reduced to 5.5% or 7%, instead of the 20% generally applied to the price of the housing.

For a construction project in the west of France, buy in the’new home in Saint Herblain.

A house with all the comforts

New homes are comfortable and functional. They are designed to optimize the spaces, while adapting them to the expectations of the buyers. You can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, practical designer bathrooms, plenty of storage space, optimal thermal insulation and outdoor spaces. Those who opt to buy an apartment can also make use of the quality amenities of the common areas. Construction standards that allow the occupants of these homes to enjoy a certain level of comfort.

Moreover, by opting for the’In the case of off-plan purchasing, a future buyer has the possibility to choose certain elements to personalize his house. With digital news solutions, it is even possible to preview the final result.

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