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Why Harley-Davidson is in a deep brand crisis

In the list of the most popular brands, those that tend to have a more dedicated and associated community and those that have a clearer image, Harley-Davidson usually appears. Their products have been associated for decades with the idea of freedom to travel and to be free’reach a niche of consumers, usually men, for whom their motorcycles become more than a toy’a simple means of transportation..

Harley-Davidson, a brand in turmoil

L’company n’is not the first brand to lose touch with its consumers. Barbie also faced a similar crisis a few years ago, which it is still in the process of s’out of it. Lego, l’one of the world’s most valuable toy brands and with a very large consumer community, was a few years ago on the verge of bankruptcy and in the worst possible situation.

Lego n’The results have been bad: it may not be the best example to understand what is happening with Harley-Davidson, but the problems of Barbies and Mattel are. Mattel is faced with a problem of’image and sales, because its dolls have stopped connecting with the public. They don’t’s traditional market of buying for their sons (their daughters, Mattel’s traditional market), has stopped growing in recent years’other dolls and other toys. Barbie has’was out of fashion for some, and had seen its audience age and turn away from the dolls of their childhood.

Something similar is happening to Harley-Davidson.

The company just reported financial results for its latest quarter, which has Drops shares by 5 percent. The results have been bad: it is perhaps not the best example to understand why’has not lived up to investor expectations. By 2018, the company’s shares had lost 33 percent of their market value.

Yet Harley-Davidson is in the midst of a crisis

What to do when you do not have’do not reach young consumers ?

Sales were down, because of its Trump trade wars, but mostly because the market was in crisis.

L’age of the buyers of these motorcycles n’has stopped growing in recent years. In d’other words, Harley-Davidson has been reaching the same market niche for decades and the same consumers, although the philosophy associated with the product, which they remember in the economic context, is linked to a younger niche. A roadtrip with the wind hitting you in the face on American roads do not marry well with damaged hips and diminished reflexes of those who actually buy motorcycles.

But the big problem for Harley-Davidson is that the wind hits you in the face on American roads’is that’It does not’has no spare wheel for these consumers. Young people prefer motorcycles’used, analysts say, and they are also much more sensitive in terms of price. They don’t want to spend as much money as they should’What to do when you don’t have the money for a motorcycle, no matter if it’s a Harley or not.

Even consumers who could afford to pay for a cloud service may not be able to do so’buy.

And, as a final point that brings us full circle, the s future strategy’The best way to get your company on the road is to bet on the electric motorcycle, much greener and much more in line with market expectations ? But much quieter, and therefore without the noise of the’ignition which is part of the brand culture.

How Harley-Davidson is trying to survive ?

As Mattel tried Barbie, it must be able to to win back younger consumers. To do this, Mattel had launched a new version of Barbie, much more in tune with the times, and had updated its marketing and advertising strategy in terms of content. Lucky Strike’s cigarette marketing model could also be a source of inspiration’inspiration.

Harley is changing the way it does business’reach consumers, betting on the influencers.

As they point out in Quartz’Company bets on influencers to get them out of trouble. Their solution to connecting with new consumers is Instagram. New models have been launched, featuring celebrities on this social network.

Their 115th anniversary was celebrated at a special event’a weekend of’Instagram where 14 influencers and their guests played a key role. The company estimated in its latest results that the value of influencers in its strategy had increased by 80%.

Will it be enough ? Influencers help get a message out, to the’amplify. But perhaps Harley-Davidson should he remember the fundamental problem. This n’It’s not so much that their message isn’t getting through’It is important to note that the fact that a company’s CSR policy was not reaching millennials (or Zs) that what’they were selling did not meet their expectations.

Barbie n’not only launched ads featuring parents playing with their daughters. It also changed the doll and the values associated with it.

How is Harley-Davidson trying to survive?

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