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R6 TRACKER: How to track statistics on Fortnite

R6 tracker is a very useful tool for video game lovers. It allows you to follow with precision your statistics on several licenses. Among the most famous, you will find Fortnite, but also other titles that we no longer present, such as Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Apex Legend, League of Legend or Rocket League.

What is R6 Tracker ?

How R6 Tracker works

R6 Tracker is, as its name suggests, a statistics tracker. In other words, it’s an online tool that allows you to easily access your personal game statistics, but also more general data. An API retrieves important data from the servers and transcribes it into an interface that is accessible in a few clicks.

This allows you to have access to data related to the games you have played, your level, your TNR rank, but also to the various special events that animate the different licenses throughout the year.

How the Fortnite TRN rank works ?

The Fortnite TNR ranks players according to their statistics. Its objective is simple: to give you an idea of your level compared to others.

More concretely, the TNR Fortnite is based on a score that is between 0 and 5000. It is awarded for each game mode, whether it’s solo or team games. This rating is calculated using a very specific method that varies according to the game mode.

During solo games, the points are distributed as follows:

  • 9 kills for first place
  • 5 kills for second place

During group games, points are distributed as follows:

  • 7 kills for the first team winners
  • 4 kills for the winners of the second team
  • 3 kills for third team winners
  • 2 kills for the others

Finally, the TNR score is impacted by your number of kills in the following way:

  • 5% more score for those who get 7 kills or more
  • 4% more score for those who get less than 7 kills
  • 2.5% less score for each defeat

Note that the first 5000 have the chance to get a badge.

Why use R6 tracker ?

A very easy to use tool

R6 Tracker is a statistics manager that is very popular for many reasons. First of all, it is very easy to use. To use it, you just have to go to the search menu and type the name of the player whose stats you want to see, whether it’s you, a friend or even an opponent. Validate and you’re done: you have the information you’re looking for.

Hard to make it easier to use ! A feature even allows you to add your favorite profiles to your favorites, so you can easily find them the next time you visit the tool.

Particularly responsive user support

R6 tracker has the advantage of having a very active user support and listening to the players. In case of problem, bug or question, just contact the player support at the following address : [email protected]. It is also possible to request a badge check if you feel that you have not received yours or if you notice any suspicious activity in someone’s home’one more. Another possibility of contact: use the support button available on the site.

Answers are usually provided within 20 hours. A more than honorable response time for those who need a return urgently.

Constant updates

The R6 tracker statistics tool also has the advantage of being constantly updated. New features are added regularly. Improvements in terms of accounting are offered.

The mobile app for Android, for example, offers compatibility with more than 2,000 devices, and that number is constantly growing.

How to download R6 tracker ?

R6 tracker can be downloaded on a multitude of different media :

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