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Starting from’an operator – An odyssey for consumers

The problems are always the same: billing, high, low and portability. It is incomprehensible how many companies in the sector seem to be aware of this’companies invest a lot of resources and time in the process’efforts to attract new customers, while using practices that give them reasons to end up hating the companies themselves. C’The last word is a feeling of frustration that many consumers express when they are not able to use their phone’They are confronted with obstacles and difficulties that they cannot overcome’They meet when they feel that the operators do not respect their rights’they try to end a contractual service.

This situation is particularly common among telephone companies and mobile operators.

Why is it so complicated to cancel a telephone subscription? ?

And this is not’This is no small matter. L’Union of Consumers of Europe’Spain itself has repeatedly denounced that the two bodies to which users can apply for the services of the European Union’The problems they face in solving their problems with the telecom operators are collapsed and do not address the complaints against the sector. L’The European Commission itself has been clear on this point, stating that “the large number of complaints made gives the impression that it is not possible to cancel a subscription’The impression that the operators do not respect their customers.

“The problems are always the same: billing, high, low and portability. “It is obvious that customers are defenseless against such practices when, even after the legal permanence of their contracts, they find themselves in front of a dense forest of fraudulent practices’obstacles and tricks to deal with a simple dismissal.

A few days ago, the’Consumer association Facua also denounced Vodafone, which is now threatening to dismiss the company’today of penalties going up to’to 726 euros users who unsubscribe from his package ADSL, fixed and mobile all in one. L’s association’is addressed to the’I will refer the company to urge them to stop engaging in this illegal practice. L’The association has also made the same association with Telefónica before the consumer protection authorities for penalizing users of its bundled services Movistar Fusión of 230 euros.

It is clear that’It is incomprehensible how many companies in the sector seem to be exempted from the law’The use of this type of practice. All this is without counting the harassment that some of these companies exert on users with incessant and repeated calls at any time of day as we are’have commented on the famous case of 1444 Vodafone or how to piss off customers and fuck up the environment’air the reputation of the brand.

And I can certify this reality because’As a customer and consumer, I’m not willing to pay a penalty to a provider’I have been the protagonist of some of these abuses. The last d’s intention to deal with the incident’cancellation of’a Vodafone mobile internet card that j’I acquired a few years ago because it was not my fault’The service was a no obligation service, but at the time of processing the complaint, they are trying to end the service’s cancellation, despite the fact that the’sending the fax requested which also included printed my D.N.I. It seems that’he did not’It seems that it should not have been enough to achieve this goal of’increase the number of complaints’The company is not required to report the incident to a collection service or association firm for this reason, but to refer the company to a collection service or association firm’s an incident to a collection service or a law firm’lawyers who m’s request’The problem of accumulating delinquent payments after the application for release and not being able to pay is common’has not yet been addressed.

A little over 37 euros that my bank refused to pay upon express request and that, of course, I am not willing to pay either. However, this problem seems to be common and usual. While surfing the net, you can find other information on the Internet’countless messages, complaints and articles on this subject, it is impossible to unsubscribe with Vodafone ?

Of course, despite the recommendations, I do not know what to do’If I did not use Bureaufax to request my cancellation, I will not be able to use it’I did not use a consumer bureau and I do not have any financial information’have not filed a complaint in this regard. J’simply chosen to’I can attest to my testimony, which is also the reality of many other users and consumers. And considering the repercussions, they would have been less expensive and would have better served a client with the’s resources’it deserves.

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