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Why invest in a wooden chalet ?

Wooden constructions are becoming more and more popular in France. Wood has many advantages. It is a naturally insulating material. It is therefore possible to live in a wooden chalet all year round.

Let’s see what are the advantages of living in a wooden chalet.

A wooden chalet is environmentally friendly’environment

By buying a wooden chalet, you are making an ecological choice. According to the Manufactured Home Institute, companies that build wooden cottages produce up to 10,000 square meters of wood per year’à 90% less waste than traditional home builders. Even better, the transport and the installation of the house are done by a qualified technician’assembly of’a wooden chalet directly on the building site generates much less environmental damage than the construction process of the building’a traditional house. Moreover, wood is a natural, sustainable and renewable building material. A tree is replanted for every tree cut down.

However, deforestation does exist, so make sure you know where the wood you choose comes from.

A wooden cottage is not expensive

You are looking to buy your first home on your own ? You have just finished school and are looking for a low-income option while launching your career ? So opt for a wooden cottage. This type of construction is not expensive. Indeed, the elements are prefabricated in the workshop and only have to be assembled on the construction site.

The construction time of a wooden chalet is fast and requires less labor time than a traditional construction, which allows to make real savings. Get your wooden chalet as soon as possible !

The energy advantages of wood

Wood keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, in the face of sudden increases or decreases in temperature or of a change in the weather, wood can be used as an insulator’humidity, the’The interior of the house remains pleasant and comfortable throughout the year’year. Wood is a excellent natural insulator which allows you to realize a lot of savings’significant energy savings’energy for heating and cooling.

In addition, wood is also an excellent sound insulator. It absorbs sounds, transforming each space into a calm and silent environment.

Living in a wooden chalet is good for your health

The wood contributes to improve the health. Thanks to the fact that’a wooden chalet is built from natural materials’a natural material, the’the interior is always fresh and pleasant. If you or a member of your family suffers from an illness or injury, you can be sure that your home is safe’a health problem, living in a wooden chalet can really help the recovery process. Wood improves the quality of the air you breathe.

In addition, beneficial effects on physiological parameters such as heart rate and blood pressure have also been demonstrated.

Living in a wooden cottage is good for your health

Wood is fireproof

With a adequate protection, A cottage made of wood is much safer against fire than one made of wood’Other types of constructions. Unlike some materials that are much more flammable and burn much faster, wood is a fire-stable material that burns very slowly when the flames l’It attacks. D’On the other hand, when wood burns, it only gives off water’water and CO2.

It is therefore harmless.

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