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Why buy your iPhone with a mobile package ?

You currently have the option ofbuying an iPhone with a mobile plan and data from most operators. In general, the formula is presented as advantageous for customers. Some consumers, however, have doubts about the veracity of this sales pitch. Such a reaction is quite understandable.

Nevertheless, the packs are often interesting for the buyers.

Is it more advantageous than an iPhone alone ?

An iPhone with a plan is generally cheaper than a smartphone bought alone. The difference is around 500 euros with companies offering this type of offer. Considering this criterion, it is better to buy your iPhone with a mobile package.

Operators also offer competitive rates for both the subscription and the phone when you take a package.

However, it should be noted that this discount usually implies a commitment. Price reductions are also more important for the more complete packages. You can save more money by opting for the premium packages. Some brands also allow you to pay the device in several times.

This solution is particularly advantageous for buyers.

Many consumers consider that the packages with phone are more expensive than buying a cell phone alone. However, this is mainly true for low-end models. It is therefore preferable to choose mobiles without a subscription in this case.

On the other hand, the purchase of an iPhone with a package is much more economical than the purchase of a cell phone alone.

How to choose the right package with your iPhone ?

It is important to choose your subscription carefully before choosing a new onebuy your iPhone with a mobile package. In theory, you will save more money by subscribing to a complete offer including calls, SMS, MMS and data. However, you must evaluate your needs to choose the package that best suits your profile.

Thus, you will be able to benefit from a service corresponding to your expectations and reduce your communication budget.

The iPhone packages with a fixed price are mainly offered by the big brands such as SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom. Low-cost brands tend to offer single smartphones or no-commitment packages. Free stands out, for its part, by offering to rent an iPhone for 24 months.

In short, you should choose the major operators to acquire a phone with a package.

On the whole, iPhone packages include unlimited calls and SMS. The difference lies mainly in the amount of data offered. Operators offer between 80 and 130 GB of mobile data. Therefore, you need to assess your needs in this area to make the right choice. The lowest volumes are logically the cheapest.

That said, the price of the cell phone tends to fall with the increase in the range of data offers.

When can you stop the package ?

The customer must generally sign a 12 to 24 months commitment to buy his iPhone with a mobile package. In other words, you can terminate your subscription only after the deadline set by the operator. Packages also have an advantageous rate during the first half of the contract period, i.e. 6 or 12 months. The difference varies significantly from one company to another.

Prices can also change, for payments in installments.

If you wish to stop the package earlier, you will have to pay the penalties specified by your operator at the beginning. Cancellation terms are also indicated in the contract. Nevertheless, consumers are better protected against abuse since the adoption of the Ch√Ętel law.

You will be protected from questionable practices in the industry. However, this is a contractual provision. You have therefore accepted the application of these penalties by signing the contract.

When can you stop the package?

With no commitment, you can stop the package at any time. However, the operator can define certain conditions to unsubscribe from the package included in the offer. In practice, it is imperative to check the conditions of access and cancellation of the iPhone packages with mobile plan. You can then avoid bad surprises.

Moreover, this precaution allows you to have a good basis to compare the offers on the market.

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