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What to do if my freebox is blocked on the Internet step 2 ?

The start-up cycle of a Freebox includes several steps that are essential for the proper functioning of the operator's services. Except for step 5, each phase corresponds to a precise and useful action for the initialization of the device. The number 5 is, however, not assigned or at least not communicated.

If the box is blocked at step 2, you should check all the elements concerned by the action launched.

What is step 2 of the Freebox ?

On a Freebox, step 2 corresponds to the search for a signal in order to establish an Internet connection. The modem can search for a signal on the fiber or ADSL network, depending on the model considered. This action is carried out when the various ISP boxes (Internet Service Provider) are started, such as :

  • Freebox Mini 4 K ;
  • Freebox Revolution;
  • Freebox One ;
  • Freebox Delta ;
  • Freebox Pop..

Independently of the offer, the modem tests the connection by sending data packets to the operator. The remote servers are then supposed to respond to the test request to indicate that the network is accessible. Otherwise, the start-up will not be able to continue.

It will block at stage 2, 3 or 4, representing the different phases of the connection to the ISP servers.

The non-detection of the signal is one of the most common problems with Freeboxes and modems in general. However, you will not necessarily be informed of errors occurring during the initialization of this type of device. The blocking of the Freebox nevertheless allows to recognize and solve possible access problems (signal, connection, authentication…).

Why is my Freebox blocked at stage 2 ?

Free's box blocks at stage 2, when it can't find a signal on the network (fiber or ADSL). You will have to check all the elements necessary to detect the network, in order to diagnose and solve the malfunction. If you are unable to establish a connection, it is rather a Freebox blocking step 3 . The second phase is actually limited to the search for a signal.

Thus, the blocking at step 2 is often caused by a bad connection, a non-activated line or a defective modem. The hardware failure should only be considered after all other avenues have been exhausted. Indeed, this problem is relatively rare.

You may also have to wait for the technical service to perform a simple operation such as restarting the box.

In other words, it is better to try the operations available to users before contacting technical support. You will be able to restore the connection quickly. After having eliminated the common problems, you can consider the serious anomalies requiring the replacement of your equipment.

You should then contact customer service or go to one of the operator's stores.

How to unblock stage 2 of the Freebox ?

When the Freebox is blocked at step 2, several methods are possible to identify and solve the problem. The objective is, above all, to identify the anomaly that prevents the modem from establishing a connection with the remote servers. To do this, you will need to check your equipment, your connections and your subscription to the ISP's services.

Once the cause is known, you can fix the malfunction yourself or get a hardware replacement. However, the diagnosis represents the most difficult part to unlock step 2. However, you can ask for help from the operator's technicians. Moreover, the solutions are often simple. Your modem will then be able to skip step 2 and complete the startup process, unless it is defective.

In this last case, the box will have to be replaced.

Check your equipment

To set the blocking in step 2, you must first check the physical integrity of your equipment. Your installation is made up of various fragile devices and cables. However, these devices can be exposed to shocks and attacks from animals (rodents, cockroaches, puppies, cats …).

You need to check the state of your Freebox, the cables and the wall socket.

Then, try to connect the box to other optical or telephone outlets of neighbors and relatives. However, it is not recommended to use extension cords or other power strips on your equipment. These elements can affect the operation of your devices and create security risks.

After any change, restart the device to check the effects of the operation on the launch of services. To do this :

  • Switch off the box;
  • Unplug the square end of the DSL cable and wait a few minutes;
  • Reconnect the cable, making sure that it is properly inserted in the DSL port;
  • Turn the device back on.

Of course, you will have to switch off the modem to test it with neighbors or acquaintances. It is nevertheless recommended to restart it, if the first test was not conclusive. This way, you can be sure that the box has taken into account the changes made.

Check your DSL cable connection

If it is not properly connected, the DSL cable can prevent your box from finding a signal on the network. It is therefore important to check the connection of your DSL cable after the visual control of your equipment. The square end must be inserted in the DSL port of the modem, which must be distinguished from the Phone port.

In case of inversion, the box will not be able to detect any signal on the network.

On the other hand, you must plug the other end into the wall socket. This is easy to recognize on a telephone line because of its "T" shape. For the fiber, just look for the warning "Optical radiation". This pictogram may or may not be associated with the explicit mention "Danger". In any case, disconnect and reconnect both ends. Then restart your Freebox to check if the DSL cable is the cause of the problem.

Check your internet connection

If you are a new subscriber, the lack of signal may simply indicate that your line has not yet been activated. You will not be able to access the operator's network, even if the box and the decoder are installed. To be sure, go to your Free subscriber area to know the status of your new subscription.

Specifically, log in to your personal account using the identifiers you obtained when you subscribed. Then go to the Order Tracking section. This page shows the status of your subscription.

It should display a step 6, confirming the activation of your line. If this is the case, your connection is supposed to work. This is not the cause of the blockage.

In the absence of step 6, you still need to wait for the activation of the line.

What to do if I am still blocked at step 2 ?

If the box remains blocked at step 2, it may be necessary to reset the device. Restoring the factory settings allows you to fix various problems related to the equipment or the network. To carry out a reset, simply unplug the Freebox and plug it back in.

Then turn on the device and press the directional keys. Finally, choose the startup Factory setting. This operation can also be performed from the dedicated mobile application.

As a last resort, contact Free customer service by phone (3244) or from your subscriber area (via Contact Us). The hotline is available 7 days a week, from 7 am to midnight. After your request, the team will open an incident ticket. The technical service will then take care of solving your connection problems.

You can also directly contact a Free Center nearby to make a diagnosis on site.

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