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Open an electronic cigarette store: our advice

The vapoteuse is an excellent solution to start smoking cessation. Moreover, this product was initially aimed at people who wanted to stop smoking. Since then, electronic cigarettes have met with unexpected success with a wider public.

The craze for vaping has thus been favorable to the development of a new market built around the e-cigarette.

How to open an electronic cigarette store ?

How to open an electronic cigarette store?

Open an electronic cigarette store is above all to create a business, regardless of your product range. You thus need to carry out all the necessary formalities for this type of project. Like all other companies, you must be register the establishment with the RCS and choose its legal form (EURL, SASU, SARL, etc.).).

Attention ! The che choice of legal status is decisive on many levels (tax, social security, asset protection, accounting obligations, etc.).). You should therefore take the time to study all the possible structures for your profile.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from your CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)’industry), if necessary. You will also need a good wholesaler and a trusted partner in the electronic cigarette market.

L’example of the wholesaler GreenVillage

Since 2013, Greenvillage.fr specializes in the sale of electronic cigarettes and materials for Vap stores. The wholesaler is illustrated in particular by the import and the distribution of products of major brands on the French market. It is also a real reference in this young sector.

With its expertise, Greenvillage can brief you on the overall state of the market and the evolution of legislation in this area. These professionals are also willing to provide you with advice on the flavor or the flavors of e-liquids. See the site https://www.greenvillage.fr will allow you to discover its wide range of products and services.

Who has the right to sell electronic cigarettes ?

Who has the right to sell electronic cigarettes?

Despite the request for exclusivity of tobacconists, any business has the right to engage in the sale of electronic cigarettes. It is indeed an aid to smoking cessation. Thus, the authorities seek to facilitate maximum access to these nicotine substitutes.

You do not need a license in particular to open an electronic cigarette store.

In contrast, the public authorities are particularly strict concerning the compliance with standards established for the safety of vapers. Vaping products are governed by the Tobbaco Products Directive (TPD). There are different criteria to be met in terms of liquids, valves, etc.

In concrete terms, you only need to make sure that you offer quality products and regulatory materials.

With a good supplier, you will have no difficulty in remain in compliance with the legislation in force. You are, for example, subject to some constraints when the dosage of nicotine exceeds a certain threshold. This rate can actually vary from one product to another.

Nevertheless, your wholesaler will always inform you about the specificities of a pipe or a cigarette liquid.

What are the best brands of electronic cigarettes ?

What are the best brands of electronic cigarettes?

In addition to the administrative part, you must pay attention to thethe activity itself before opening an electronic cigarette store. You must choose between become a franchisee or independent, find the location of the point of sale… The question of flagship products also arises with other concerns such as “how to define its customers ? “.

Opening an electronic cigarette store can be part of a business plan’a conversion project. N’Do not hesitate to be accompanied during this professional conversion. You can thus create your specialized store while already mastering the essentials in the field.

You will then have to progressively enrich your knowledge beyond the Aspire, Innokin, Vaporesso, GeekVape or Smok.

Joyetech is also among the best electronic cigarette brands at the moment. Its products are suitable for beginners, as well as to vapers more experienced. Its Exceed D 19 Kit, for example, offers a battery with excellent autonomy (1500 mAh), a clearomizer that can hold 2 ml of liquid.

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