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What to do after the BTS esthetics ?

Among the courses that are attracting more and more students these days is the BTS in aesthetics. It provides training in the various professions in the world of beauty and well-being. It is especially prized for its multitude of outlets.

Therefore, the holders of the said diploma of Bac +2 level have several alternatives after obtaining it. In this article, we will show what it is possible to do after a so-called BTS.

Practicing a profession in the field of aesthetics

The BTS aesthetic is a training that prepares for different jobs. To get there, discover this BTS in Nantes. It will open the doors to several jobs.

This way you will be able to work as a beautician, for example. You will indeed be able to do body and face care or waxing, manicure and pedicure. After the BTS aesthetic, it is also possible to manage a beauty salon or a perfumery.

The knowledge acquired during the training will be useful to master the different aspects of management and to give advice to clients. Finally the holder of this BTS will be able, after acquiring a certain experience, to teach the classes of CAP or bac pro aesthetic.

Take additional training

Failing to exercise one of the trades of aesthetics after training, the person with the BTS aesthetics can continue his or her studies by taking a complementary training. If they are computer literate, they can, for example, take the spa manager training. It consists of learning the management of a spa, c’that is to say, learning to manage schedules, stocks and orders and to check the quality of the treatments.

There is also the socio-aesthetician training where one learns to adapt the aesthetic care to categories of population. Finally, we can mention the possibility of training in consulting, animation and training and the professional license in cosmetology.

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