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Telling the story’of your startup’s story with storytelling

Storytelling is an indispensable ally for a startup. It is an entirely artistic process that must be carried out with care. Otherwise, the goal of moving the audience will not be achieved. What approach to adopt to achieve this ?

What is storytelling ?

For the record, the concept of the storytelling appeared only a few years ago. But in reality, it is a principle that has always existed. It is a method already adopted at the time of the Greco-Roman civilizations.

In those ancient times, telling stories to build brand awareness was already widely used.

Nowadays, with the advent of digital marketing, the advertising s’You have to introduce the company into our daily lives and make it a part of our daily lives, whether we want it or not’This is why we have to make sure that the pitch is installed in our daily lives, whether we like it or not. Companies have taken advantage of this to tell stories, touting the merits of their products and services.

To achieve a steffective and persuasive orytelling, There are techniques to implement, such as the use of a “storyboard” in our daily lives, that we can use in our work’ inbound marketing . If the art of telling a story is innate in some, it is acquired in others. To achieve this, you have to start by structuring your content. It is to common thread who will lead to the success of the storytelling scheme.

For a story filled with success, you need to start with set the scene for the story. So you have to introduce the context and the hero. To capture the interest of your target audience, it is necessary to put a lot of effort into the story spice up the story. For example, you can intensify the drama the scenario by integrating a disruptive element into the context.

The main thing is to allow your persona to react and obtain a solution to their problem. This one can be a success or a failure according to the message to convey. Your storytelling must lead to an end point that will allow the hero to learn from his experiences.

In other words, it is the moral of the story.

The success of a storytelling also relies on the writer’s pen. On its ability to embark its reader through the adventure it describes. Whether the story is real or fictitious, a well-told story always ends up being a good one create a close link between the reader and the author.

It often conveys the image and the story that a brand wants to convey.

How to effectively use storytelling for your startup ?

How to effectively use storytelling for your startup?

The first challenge that every entrepreneur faces is to determine the way he will present his project. His problem at this point is to find the best possible way to tell the story of your company. The same challenge exposes the entrepreneurs who engage in the creation of a startup.

To effectively use storytelling in your startup, there is the art of communication to consider.

By taking care of the beginning of the story, you will capture the attention of your audience. In film, the impact of a story must be made within 10 minutes of its beginning. Unlike the big screen, the speech to be undertaken in the case of a startup is relatively short. It is therefore important to well conceived content of the story.

To make a big impact quickly, you need to tap into the roots of the project and translate it into words.

Then, you have to tell them with a narrative style using short sentences, but persuasive. This is what makes a storytelling authentic and original. It is important to know highlighting the trigger point that led to the realization of the startup. Generally, the solution proposed by the company is a solution in response to an obstacle.

This problem can appear as an accident, a constraint or simply as a need. For your story to be interesting, integrate the emotional side. The idea is really to tell your story through a mini-story.

Finally, it is important to understand that there is a difference between storytelling of the startup and its founder. The former tells the story of the project in question, while the latter conveys the mission of the company.

Storytelling and brand content

Storytelling and bra

Storytelling is a marketing strategy that tells a story through an imaginary character. In the sense that the founder of the startup does not show himself directly, but opts for a character or a hero to convey a message. In other words, storytelling is an approach that aims to tell a story to a target audience.

The main objective of the approach is to setting the scene for the brand through a narrative. It must be the strong point and the focus of the entire communication strategy of the startup. Highlighting a sequence of ideas that holds the audience’s attention is part of the storytelling concept.

As for the brand content, it designates a brand editorial content. By the way, you can integrate the steps of your storytelling creation in your business plan. Content that can have a form or be presented in the form of a storytelling. The latter can in turn be presented in the form of a book or a film that tells the story of the brand. However, this is not a necessity, because it is also possible to make an interview, a report, a survey..

The storytelling is not a service, it serves to enhance a brand by creating emotions that will encourage the audience to make a move. However, this difference between storytelling and brand content makes them a powerful ally. After analyzing the situation, they still have some common points.

They both draw the target’s attention to the point that needs to be emphasized. They offer both a rational and emotional discourse.

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