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Why design is crucial for the strategy of a company a brand or’a company

What do we associate design with ? Design is what makes certain products "beautiful" or what has made them so’other notable. Design is expected from the company’luxury, high-tech or fashion industry.

The design key to the success of’a company

However, design is a crucial element for any company and for any brand. C’It's what makes it memorable, what makes it fun, and what makes it a success’The first point is to measure the performance of a brand or a company, which helps it to stand out and which allows it to communicate with the consumer, among other things.

And so design is vital not only for the Internet, but also for your business’identity and’This is not only important for the brand's image, but also for its market decisions and economic position, as a study has just shown. L’The study, conducted by McKinsey and compiled by FastCompany, looked at both the financials of the companies analyzed and their design decisions. Its scope of work’s study’extended over five years.

The design is crucial for the waterline of the company’company

According to the data from the’study, companies that get design right get better results. L’The study concluded that companies in which design is a key element of leadership have 32% higher revenues and 56% higher shareholder returns. This also happens generically and is not limited to a specific sector.

This may be due in large part to the fact that it's not just about the design’The state of the market and the challenges that companies are currently facing. As the’one of the people responsible for’In the study, it is increasingly difficult for companies to "make products and services that stand out from the crowd" . So they need to work on something that makes them work and stand out, and the key could be design. More and more executives are starting to ask for more information’Help in this area.

Key areas to work on

But the design is not’Design is not only more and more important. Companies also have to deal with it by following some basic rules and business structures. Design must be analyzed and studied, which is an additional asset.

Companies that are able to use design more effectively do so by following four fundamental points in their strategy.

The first point is to measure the performance. Design is just one more element and must be analyzed in terms of its impact on the user’investment and performance, as they conclude in the’study. This allows us to see what the results are and how they improve things.

The second point is very present in more and more areas in which companies must act. C’is the consumer. The consumer must be aware of this’It can cause direct or indirect: a central element of the design, which must be profiled in order to be effective’deliver the best user experience and make the consumer feel better and connect more with the product, service or environment’experience.

Behind these points, thirdly, is the need to make design stop being a "business"’be in a tight compartment and, above all, not to waste designers' time with irrelevant things. Designers need to be part of this’they call "cross-functional teams", teams with cross-functional and cross-capacity. Companies need to be more like Spotify, which is giving out more information than they are giving out’It is something that gives autonomy to their designers and allows them to do things, and less as the’A consumer goods company that has asked its designers to make slide shows to get the most out of their work’look good.

Fourth, stimulate research. L’The company must encourage research and testing, adjust the design and make the most of it.

This n’not be doing’be made.

In the end, everything could be summarized in what the’one of the people responsible for the’study tells FastCompany. Companies need to ask themselves if they are taking design seriously and if they should invest in it. S’they do it, he emphasizes, they must do it properly.

Because it's a’is something that’they don't really do it now. 40% of the companies analyzed did not have any noise issues’Companies need to be more like Spotify, which is giving consumers a better understanding of their products and services’have no objective way of measuring success or failure’failure to make decisions that’The impact of noise on working life.

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