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Why B2B companies are placing more and more weight and importance on their sales team’importance to marketing

There is little doubt that in order to reach the end consumer, a good marketing strategy must be developed and executed to its fullest capacity and power. Marketing helps to profile the product and its characteristics in front of the consumer, to stand out from the competition and, no less important, to ensure that the product is well received by the consumer’s potential buyer of the product or service they want to buy’The company launches to discover it. As a result, companies are investing a lot of time and money in the development of their business’s money in marketing and assume that they are the ones to buy’it s’s a matter of’a crucial element in the process of connecting with consumers.

B2B is the new marketing engine ?

But, if in the B2C world this is not the case, it is’It is clear that everyone is interested’s strategy is changing’But is it not the same in the B2B market? ?

As the’explains a Forrester analyst, while the theory is clear that marketing is very important, it is quite likely that corporate marketers in this area have felt that their work is perceived to be of little value’a less relevant way than others. “The sales, the’They said that the engineering or the product was the hero of the story’s business and power base,” they said’They are increasingly digital, they want more power, and they are making more informed decisions. While in the consumer world, marketing teams have the power and lead the way, in the B2B world, it’s not enough’This is not the case.

It is’s money’They are also likely to find it difficult to find the product they want to sell’It is in the process of’be resolved. After years of placing marketing second in the analysis of their business, they are now more likely to find information online’In the B2B world, a new era is about to begin. “Welcome to the renaissance of B2B marketing,” they point out in the report’analysis. Marketing teams and their actions and decisions are increasingly powerful in the company’s strategy’business and do the’s purpose’increased attention.

B2B companies are beginning to think that it’s not just about the consumer’It’s not just their sales team that’s important anymore.

Consumers change, strategy changes

If this happens, it does not’It is not because’another philosophy has become fashionable or because some analysts have managed to make another way of looking at things visible. The reality is much more pragmatic. L’The B2B universe is experiencing an acceleration in marketing because the way consumers approach their products makes it necessary to do so.

As they’explain in the’Even ten years ago, salespeople had the power over consumer processes. They used to control the company’This is why they were responsible for the creation of the new marketing strategy’s data flow establishment. They are the ones who told the potential buyers what they wanted to know’what they wanted to know.

C’was, so to speak, the unchallenged reign of the salesperson.

Today’Today, however, things have changed. B2B buyers have applied many of the same elements that mark their consumer purchases to the marketplace’universe of the’company. They are increasingly digital, they want more power, and they are making decisions that are not in their control’informed buying.

The process of’The buying process no longer starts with an advertisement, but with a Google search for the product in question that is being searched for.

The data, as Forrester points out, is clear. 92% of B2B purchases begin with an Internet search. 68% of business buyers prefer to search for information on the web themselves (in 2015, this was the highest proportion of all)’In addition, 60% do not want advertising to be their main source of failure’information and 62 say that’They can now make a list of potential finalist brands to buy using only the content that they have found’they find online.

75% also use social networks to find out more about the sellers they are interested in.

What’they need to adjust

This has a direct impact on the strategy. Any kind of’At first, it made marketing in general more influential and had a specific impact in certain areas.

C’This is what makes, for example, commercial companies more and more interested in what the’This analysis is called lead-to-revenue marketing management (L2RM), essentially lead-based marketing. The companies that use it’The idea is to associate a logo or a message with an everyday product’business of 50% higher), but despite this data can not remain alone. They must be much more ambitious in terms of marketing and they must give it much more weight.

Just like consumer companies, they must also make the’Customer experience a turning point, increase the customer’s awareness’Use data, focus on the business’Build trust or work on personalization. In other words’In other words, they have to be able to work with a more complex strategy, as their consumer colleagues do.

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