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Why coworking for your startup ?

Coworking has been around for nearly 20 years and is now a global phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a revolution in the world of work, making self-employment a thing of the past. But what exactly does coworking mean? ? What’s in it for business and who can benefit ?

What is coworking? ?

The coworking The need to exchange, to meet people and to belong to a community. It is a system of co-location of workspace. It consists in leaving your home to come and do all your daily professional tasks in a place where many people come for the same reason. This place is dedicated to work, but also to the exchange and sharing of experiences, reminiscent of 19th century artists’ studios.

Modern coworking is a technological revolution that meets the needs of some startups: computer equipment, modern furniture, sober decoration, daylight, inspiring environment, etc. Fully equipped, a coworking space will allow a worker to work in the best conditions. Individuals will be able to pool their respective resources and feed their creativity.

What is coworking?

What are the advantages of coworking for a startup ?

Coworking has become the number one choice of startups. It not only gives a positive and serious image, but also a young, dynamic and up-to-date image with the trend and technology. We see a coworking space as a permanently active beehive, a great asset compared to the old fashioned business.

It does not’It is not uncommon to see self-employed people using electronic cigarettes, as on this site, while exchanging ideas with other people’other coworking members.

The possibility of exchanging in real time for more reactivity and productivity is also an advantage not to be ignored. The collaborators of the company can meet at any time and share directly. If networking is known as an elevator in the working world, coworking is another way to expand your network. Some startups could find skills in line with their activities, human and material resources, and even customers.

A coworking space is good for your image, because it allows you to be credible with your potential future partners and customers.

For a startup, the coworking space will provide a place with adaptable hours. The employees will have the possibility to take advantage of common spaces such as a terrace, a leisure space, a kitchenette, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the coworking spaces It gives the greatest respect to the privacy of the companies that work there. They can propose to close the work and relaxation spaces to privatize them. This can be done permanently or temporarily, for example during a briefing, an appointment or an important meeting.

Just as the owner can organize events favorable to the activities of startups, activities dedicated to executives and managers to facilitate networking.

The modularity is one of the big advantages of a coworking space that the startup can benefit from. The employee will be able to start his or her business life with more flexibility at a cost adapted to his or her start-up budget.

Is coworking for everyone? ?

In France alone, the BAP, Bureau à Partager, has counted about 600 coworking spaces. We can cite many advantages of coworking, but although it represents the future of the professional world for many, it can not offer the same benefits to all companies. The main targets are freelancers.

This includes business creators, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, consultants, designers, developers, incubators and liberal professionals. Some students also go there for homework requiring research or just the need to be in a more “hype” setting.

So is coworking for you? ? While you can work anywhere as long as you have the connection and a computer, a coworking space can allow you to focus better, see people and change your daily working environment. On the other hand, if you need several tools and materials, or even your workshop to work, it is not feasible.

Coworking spaces facilitate the life of teleworkers who work during the hours that suit them and who wish to consolidate their professional and personal life. A pleasant setting conducive to inspiration awaits you. These unusual places do not leave to chance the decoration and the ergonomics.

Everything has been designed for maximum productivity.

You need to move forward quickly and you like to work in a group, pooling ideas and sharing them, coworking allows an efficient professional networking. Numerous projects have been created. Round tables, conferences, etc., So many events can be organized by coworking spaces to do this.

Is coworking suitable for everyone?

Where to find the best coworking spaces in France ?

Forming a winning combination with the business incubator, Coworking has grown by 80% in France according to the Figaro. Several actors and specialists have contributed to it if we only mention Morning Coworking. Up to 4000 m2, they welcome entrepreneurs from all horizons for an efficient networking. Between traditional offices and home, many find it more advantageous to go to a place where you feel less alone. In principle, the rental includes access to services, animations, furniture and meeting rooms.

Workers can choose between private workstations, flex offices and open spaces.

If you don’t have time to travel to Paris to find a coworking space and Val-de-Marne is not far away, choose Coworkcity, 57 rue Véron, 94140 Alfortville. Financially, it is very accessible and the space is green.

In Paris, Annecy, Nantes, Rennes, Lyon, you have La Cordée, a work space where a joyful and benevolent atmosphere reigns. Participation, ecology and solidarity are values that are taken to heart.

Or come to Bordeaux, 87 quai des Queyries where Darwin welcomes freelancers, consultants and self-employed people in a pleasant and eco-responsible environment. There is no lack of activities to combine pleasure and work.

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